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Yawning, carbs and low-blood-sugar: any connection?

An increase in pressure within your eye can lead to damage to the optic nerve at the back of your eye. (Oh crap!) After our appointment, he instructed me to make an appointment with a dietitian to help me with my food plan (not fun.) After sitting with her for an hour, she informed me that it will be important to cut out as many carbohydrates, and focus on low-glycemic diet. Although experiencing fatigue after meals by itself is not a concern, if you are experiencing fatigue after meals that is accompanied by lightheadedness or dizziness, it is imperative that you discuss it with your doctor. All of my friends say they eat sugar to get energy, but when I eat sugary foods, I do the opposite and start yawning. So I tried a low-carb (strictly low-carb) diet initially (for about 3 weeks) with little improvement in symptoms. Second, when food — specifically carbohydrates — are consumed, they are broken down into sugars known as glucose that rapidly enters the blood stream. What is not used by our muscles for energy, gets stored in the liver and fat cells, where it can be accessed later.

Have been eating more vegetables and fruit and trading my pasta and rice for whole grain options. Coffee- takes 6 cups to get my circulation going, thats a lot of sugar with it-3tsp/1tsp instant. The effects of hypokalemia can include fatigue, muscle weakness, or paralysis.[11] The severity of the hypokalemic state can be evaluated using Fuller’s Criteria.[12] Stage 1 is characterized by no symptoms but mild hypokalemia. I finally resorted to a sugar free Monster Energy drink. Pancreatic insufficiency can cause this issue as well. Now I wonder if maybe she suffered from the same ailment as myself: she had had something to eat and it made her sleep. (I don’t regularly test, so I don’t know if that’s too low, or low enough to account for yawning, or even if yawning is related to low blood sugar).

If you are diabetic, you probably already know that eating sugars and starches will cause you to feel tired after eating. I had the smoothie about an hour after dinner (4oz of dark chicken, 1oz butter, 1.5oz of bacon). Again: I was a YAWNING MACHINE! So the question is whether sweet potatoes are a problem for people with blood sugar issues (like diabetics and pre-diabetics).

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