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It has been raining desserts on my blog. The scientific study, led by Dr. The phytoestrogen content of almonds may lead to estrogenic activity. In a British study conducted at Aston University and newly published in Free Radical Research, researchers tested the effects of a short-term almond-enriched diet on two different groups of men: young and middle-aged men who were healthy, and young men at risk for developing heart disease due to high blood pressure or excess weight. As compared to the C diet, the A diet led to significant decreases in IL-6 and CRP by 8.7 and 39.4%, respectively, but did not alter TNF-α. Moreover, almonds are useful in curing obesity by promoting weight loss. After a 2-wk washout, subjects will receive the alternate diet for the other 3 mo.

I suggest that you try this again, with a different batch of almonds (just in case of contaminants). Many mothers give almonds soaked in water to their children daily in the morning (2-3 pieces of soaked almonds are good enough, you can also remove the outer shell if it causesallergy to you. Spread cream cheese mixture over partially baked crust. Researchers based their conclusions about improved dietary intake on participants’ scores on the Healthy Eating Index (HEI), a tool used to measure diet quality and adherence to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 3.A fantastic source of anti oxidants: Almonds are high in antioxidants that helps protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to ageing. The International Journal of Obesity published the results of a study that shows almonds are “a feasible option for consideration and have a potential role in the public health implications of obesity.” The study concluded that almonds provide a sensation of satiety and are beneficial for people trying to lose weight. Plus the nut also contains flavonoids that have the ability to suppress prostate tumors and breast cancer.

Almonds can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, and soaked almonds help increase High-density Lipoproteins (HDL) and reduce the level of Low-density Lipoproteins (LDP). Almonds offer 3.5 grams of fiber, 13 grams of unsaturated fat and only one gram of saturated fat per one-ounce serving. [1]  Bahari, S (2012). When one-ounce of almonds was eaten along with white bread, the GI of the meal (105.8) was comparable to eating white bread alone, but when two ounces of almonds were consumed with the white bread, the GI dropped to 63, and when 3 ounces of almonds were eaten, the GI was only 45.2 – less than half the GI of the white bread only meal. While both groups decreased their waist measurements, had better blood pressure and blood sugar readings, the pulse group had better levels of the beneficial HDL-cholesterol. Sprouting the almonds – by soaking them overnight, draining and then leaving them to sprout for a few days – is an even better way to draw out the nut nutrients. So to find the very highest spike, you might have to try different times.

Sorry, I took you on a little tangent there, Linda, but in terms of eating yogurt, there are some good yogurts now that actually do have live bacteria in them. Her success prompted her to pursue the subject professionally, leading her to a BSc in Home Science followed by an MSc in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. John Phillip is a Health Researcher and Author who writes regularly on the cutting edge use of diet, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation to enhance and improve the quality and length of life. From a nutritional standpoint, most people tend to view all nuts as essentially the same. Almonds have become the bedside beauty ingredient with absolutely no ill or side effects. Non fat Milk – “The lactose, protein, and fat in milk all have the potential to improve blood sugar,” says researcher Mark A.

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