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Why people download the freeware AIDA v4.3a diabetes software program: a proof-of-concept semi-automated analysis. –

Are you struggling with diabetes “The Silent Killer”? To facilitate the process – we have created a simple line of HTML code. Each meter has its own peculiarities and limitations and may be what the poster is referring to, but the software works very well and is an Apple recommended product. Valid on ACCU-CHEK products only. Nagbot, in other words, acts as a helpful companion. If you want to explain some of the tracked values, you can enter any descriptions. When there is less or no insulin, the levels of sugar in blood start to rise and body starts to suffer from condition of high blood sugar.

Remote Control PowerGuru enables one to remotely control the device as if you were sitting there pushing buttons yourself. Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake and all your Medicines. A patient should be able to get data into Diasend from anywhere, making it a ‘virtual clinic’. Other topics include evaluation/validation research usage of such software, applying simulated blood glucose data for prototype training/validation, and other research uses of placing technical information on the Web. Users can also set reminders for appointments, refills, etc., and can even enter their complete laboratory test results and medications. The semi-automated analysis adopted for this study has re-affirmed the feasibility of using the Internet to obtain free-text comments, at no real cost, from a substantial number of medical software downloaders/users. The survey has also offered some insight into why members of the public continue to turn to the Internet for medical information.

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