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Whatever Glenmark wanted to prove by introducing Zitamed and ZIta, their new anti-diabetes drugs, they’ve

Social media use has become a part of modern communication and has helped many people living with disease connect, particularly in the United States — the country with the most social media users. Food and Drug Administration without proof they improved clinical measures, such as such as reducing heart attacks or strokes, blindness or other complications of the disease. The “Queen of Southern cuisine’s” admission also puts the spotlight on ethical questions that surround celebrities who are paid spokespeople for pharmaceutical companies. If you do have the condition, you will definitely not be alone: According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 347 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and the number could near 600 million by 2035. Our health is at risk each and every day that such vital information is withheld. That day is coming soon for Lantus, Sanofi’s key product and the best-selling diabetes drug in the world. …

We believe that our glucagon formulation has the potential for use in a multitide of presentations including auto-injectors for emergency treatment of severe hypoglycemia (G-Pen™) and multi-dose pens (G-Pen Mini™) and pumps (G-Pump™) for daily management of blood glucose. Yes, the pharmaceutical companies indeed make a profit from saving peoples’ lives but read Dr. Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone that’s necessary for the body to use the sugars found in foods as fuel for the cells in the body and brain. Dr. Similarly, mood tracking apps could be paired with anti-depressants or a carb counting app for a diabetes medication. It is not, however, unheard of. The researchers speculated that concerns about liability result in restrictions that are disproportionate with actual risk.

“Those companies are turning into a gatekeeper to keep that from happening,” says Motley Fool portfolio manager Charly Travers. “Though Glenmark might not feature in the top ten Indian pharma companies, its past launches in the cardiovascular segment have been pretty aggressive.

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