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What happens if my blood sugar gets really high? – Hyperglycemia

If diabetes goes untreated, the diesease will advance. Sometimes though, there may be an underlying issue causing the calluses that needs to be fixed or at least checked out by a foot doctor. If more often than not, you feel the urge to pee then there is a possibility that you may have diabetes. They start damaging the walls of the blood vessels, causing tiny cuts, clots, and scar tissues. Yes, it is very touchy right now, she is probably going Hypo or low and Hyper or high just as fast. We did CPR, but even with my step mom being an ARNP, he passed away. A few good examples of these far-reaching effects include hirsutism (hair growth), insulin resistance, heart disease risk factors and even uterine cancer.

Other times surgery is necessary to clear out the consequences of the ascending infection. Most cases of diagnosed prostate cancer, however, if left untreated, will grow and possibly spread outside of the prostate to local tissues or distantly to other sites in the body. This makes it harder to think and process data clearly. Just one look at the article Is Your Thyroid Killing You? First off, you will want to cool down the burnt area by running cool, not cold, water over it for at least 10 minutes. In addition to an increased risk for stillbirth and cesarean section, women with uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to encounter difficulties during labor and delivery than nondiabetic women or women whose diabetes has been well controlled. Liver.

This type of asthma is called severe, persistent asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or what I like to call hard luck asthma. Legionella may also cause a more mild condition referred to as Pontiac fever. Gonorrhea is often diagnosed along with other STIs, such as chlamydia. Testing for invasive aspergillosis usually involves doing a biopsy to sample and test lung tissue. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs.

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