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Want a Turbo Shot of Diabetes with that Coolatta? Weighing in on Dunkin Donuts beverages.

GlucoMenu helps Type 1, Type 2 & Pre-Diabetics with Achieving better blood sugar results Weight loss and weight management Reducing confusion with treatment (what to eat, drink, activity, testing) Coping with diagnosis, feeling better, and increasing energy levels Carbohydrate Choices:  5 54% of calories are from carbohydrate. Raphael’s Donuts is the world’s first-ever all-natural diabetic donut company, thought of in 2013 and founded/launched in May 2014. Our lemons are freshly squeezed in front of you so you know it’s the real thing. Another very desirable aspect of our service is our minimal space, power and water requirements. This item contains 17% saturated fat. Limit saturated fat to 10% of total calories daily.Sodium:  790 milligrams One teaspoon of salt contains 2300 milligrams of sodium (which is about the maximum recommended amount most healthy adults should consume each day).If you choose this consider… The doctor said this was really high and even though I’ve been controlling my sugars with diet, he put me on metaformen.

From the article: Jordan is seeking unspecified damages after she claims she ordered coffee with artificial sweetener on June 15, 2009, but the server put sugar into the brew, according to the suit, which was first reported this morning by the Courthouse News Service. Try single patty burgers over double and triples. Consider sharing your meal or saving half to enjoy at a later time. Recently, a donut monster (donutae sapiens) was created by Homer Simpson’s attempts to make donuts that can breed, so Homer can evenually breed and make the first super doughnut through selective breeding. canadian bacon or turkey) and cheese. There are nearly 3 million people in the U.S. Keep in mind that waffles, pancakes, and syrups can be high in carbohydrate.

Holy *&%#! Was the first thing that came to mind. You may be sitting there wondering what that means if you can’t visualize a gram of sugar, but here’s what it equates to… So 87 grams of sugar is equal to 21.75 or approximately 22 teaspoons of sugar, IN A SMALL! WOW! Place the mixture into a frosting decorator or a ziploc baggy for easy pouring into a lightly greased donut pan, mini loaf pans or regular sized donut pan. Since we are on Twitter and Instagram also, we definitely need $400 to spend on social media marketing, which is our plan to spend each month to increase customers and sales.

Needless to say this discovery was followed by me breaking the news to my children that they will never again drink a DD Coolatta. Instead we took out the blender, added some ice and 100% acai berry V8 fruit and vegetable juice and made our own slushies. My kids think shrek is hilarious. Take home message of the day: make it at home, make it fresh, make it real. And try to avoid added sugars as much as possible…especially beverages that contain more sugar that you can carry.

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