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Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnancy increases Risk of Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia and Small Babies

This matched case control study was conducted between January 2006-December 2007 in six selected maternity hospitals in Karachi and two maternity hospitals in Rawalpindi: Aga Khan University Hospital, Sohbraj Maternity Hospital, Aga Khan Maternity hospital for women, Karimabad, Aga Khan Maternity hospital for Women & Children, Garden, Lady Dufferin Hospital and Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Hospital in Karachi, and Combined Military Hospital and Military Hospital in Rawalpindi. However, less is known about the incidence of preeclampsia (PE) and whether it is affected by the presence of GDM. The most common complication in multiple pregnancy is the risk of premature labour and pre-term birth—this is covered in the following section. According to the Preeclampsia Foundation, around 5-8% of pregnancies are affected by the condition. Most cases are diagnosed late in the third trimester after the 34th week. Or has anyone managed to escape pre e second time around having had it badly first time (I had high protein levels and BP up to 190/ 120. The number of vertices in the comorbid networks, as well as the number of interactions between the vertices, exceeded those of random disease pairs.

Mild preeclampsia was diagnosed in 2.1% of the patients from the UA ≤ 2.4 mEq/L group, 3.3% from the UA = 2.5-4.0 mEq/L group, 5.3% from the UA = 4.1-5.5 mEq/L group, and 4.5% from the UA > 5.5 mEq/L group (p < 0.001). McCloud said that Gestational Diabetes can result in very sick babies. Jesse Reiter, the firm’s co-founder, has been focusing on birth injury cases his entire 28+ year career and most of his cases involve hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and cerebral palsy. Indirect evidence for such hypertonic stress occurring at the time of trophoblast invasion has been provided, mainly by showing hypertonic stress induced mRNA responses in trophoblast stem cells, which emulated postimplantation differentiation1.

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