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Type II Diabetes

What is silver water or colloidal silver? Her seventy plus mother suffering fro diabetes had a rotting wound left by an amputation at the hospital and didn’t heal for weeks. Consumers should know, however, that not all silver products are created equal. KFC will donate the dollar to JDRF, but only if customers buy a half-gallon of soda. Type 2 diabetes (the most prevalence type) is a disease that most probably occurs due to poor lifestyle choices e.g. Shortly after WWII, chemists discovered that DMSO has the ability to dissolve almost anything and to carry any dissolved substance along with it. Researchers controlled for family history of stroke, diet, smoking and alcohol consumption, diabetes, hypertension, total serum cholesterol level, and education level.

HHA Inc., offers a complete series on natural medicine correspondence courses in herbology, reflexology, nutrition, acupressure, massage, basic business, anatomy & physiology, homeopathy, death and dying, chronic diseases, hypnotherapy, flower remedies and vibrational medicine. This process is an electrochemical reaction. Sunset and Sunbright, I feel alive again because of Life Force Products. While still largely unknown to American doctors, Pycnogenol is the leading prescription for diabetic retinopathy in France. Pure silver particles suspended in water should have a very slight white-colored cloudy fog to it. § 321 (g)(1)(13)]. However, mankind has benefited from ingesting silver ions for thousands of years.

Proponents of colloidal silver believe, however, that even though we have access to modern medicine doesn’t mean silver has lost its benefits. There is a certain irony that Greece was the home of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. In addition, pills and capsules require significant digestion before any type of effective absorption can take place. By literatures, histopathological examination of argyria reveals black granules in the basement membrane zone surrounded by sweat glands and connective tissue sheaths around pilosebaceous structures2. HerbalRemedies.com states that unlike other colloidal silver products, Silver Biotics is non-toxic at 100 to 200 times the normal adult human dose. MAP (the same bacterium that causes Johne’s Disease in cattle) is a contaminant of unpasteurized milk and dairy products. The adhesive serves as a barrier to wound contamination during its five- to 10-day duration on the skin before it is shed along with the surface layer of skin cells.

Further, it’s also believed to help keep you and your pets feeling healthy with a strong immune system. The combination of excess insulin, periodic glucose depletion, lipoprotein(a) plaque accumulation and resultant reduced blood flow in small arteries (peripheral artery disease), results in further weight gain, increased blood pressure, cellular nutrient depletion, fatigue and decreasing stamina, depression, hair loss, spontaneous skin lesions, severe chronic and acute psoriasis, slow healing of wounds, severe headaches, severe pain in chest, hands, feet, neck, and/or back, shortness of breath, decreased immunity, susceptibility to colds and flu, and generalized whole-body degeneration. Stage 5 – Type II Diabetes. Initally, you want to soak the wound with silver for at least a day to prevent infection and quicken healing but, after the 1st 24 hours, you must open it and let it breathe intermittently throughout the day. Bean and Legume Beans and legumes are very good for the process of how to treat gangrene. In some cases the pancreas becomes so overworked that some pancreatic cells become inoperative and blood sugar increases without control. However, there are no clinical trials that substantiate claims it is effective in the treatment of cancer.

It makes it possible for doctors to identify more people who are prediabetic.

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