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Holidaymakers with pre-existing medical conditions must remember to declare their condition(s) when they buy a travel insurance policy. getting travel insurance can be tricky. Standard holiday insurance tends to exclude cover for asthma and without adequate cover, you run the risk of being out of pocket should you develop any respiratory related complications before or during your trip. Travel insurance is much more than just medical protection. However, if you’re a pensioner looking for insurance cover, a typical travel insurance policy might not meet your needs. That’s why we give you protection against delayed flights, missed departure, trip cancellation or abandonment, lost luggage and travel documents as well as personal liability costs. And depending on the type of holiday you are taking, you may need to add extra cover to your standard policy.

Quote based on a couple aged 67 buying annual travel insurance with a 31 day trip limit on a worldwide basis. Premiums for certain areas of Europe such as Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Cyprus, Greece and Malta can be higher. If you’re going on a cruise, you’ll find hand gel dispensers all over the ship, and especially near food areas – make sure you use them to reduce the chance of illness spreading. Confusion over the Spanish hospital system, which has public hospitals, private hospitals and those that are privately owned but provide public services under contract, has led some holidaymakers to not realise they have been taken to those that may charge and refuse EHICs. There is a $100 and $250 excess option available and if chosen, will lower the cost of your insurance premium. However, if you need to make a claim, this is the amount you will have to pay first! It’s unlikley that Annual Multi-Trip insurance that includes cover for breast cancer will be available whilst treatment is planned, and insurers much prefer to offer single trip cover until medical conditions are fully stable.

Yes! We are proud to be able to offer you a great deal. You can have peace of mind when you travel regardless of your age or medical history. It is not recommended to get travel insurance for only part of your trip, however it is possible to have a policy to cover part of your trip with the following conditions: • A minimum premium of 3-days on the departure • No claim will be met for any event that occurs during the uninsured portion of the journey (including cancellation costs). If you decide to stay away longer than you originally intended when you bought your insurance, you are able to extend the cover (as long as it has not expired) after your trip has started. Annual multi-trip if you travel many times in a year. Our special cruise travel insurance no age limit gives you the extra cover you need.

You can extend a policy by purchasing a further 12 months policy once departed provided the original policy has not expired before you request the extension and no claims have been made. Guest First will also cover your travel if you break down and need a hire car and will offer compensation if beaches are closed, if you have a catastrophe or if you suffer a nuisance when you are away. If you have purchased a single trip policy, your cover will finish at the time that you return to New Zealand and it cannot be re-started if you leave again to re-commence your trip. Easy to find and easy to understand plan pricing. In: Gorsky Martin, Sheard Sally., editors. Does your travel insurance cover me if I start my trip outside New Zealand? Yes, but only under the Basics policy and you must have the intention to return to New Zealand at the of the policy.

Is repatriation always to New Zealand? Yes. If you wish to be repatriated somewhere other than New Zealand you can be, but the costs covered by your travel insurance would be limited to the cost of repatriation back to New Zealand.

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