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If you have coding questions regarding Medicare Risk Adjustment, HCC codes or general coding and documentation questions please ask a coder at HCCacademy@caremore.com. Also be prepared to look for documentation regarding the type of diabetes the patient has, as this can lead you to shift from one group of codes to another. Effective Oct. They are often described as numbness, burning, cold, prickling, pins and needles along with other symptoms. It is a time-saving tool that provides a complete epidemiological overview of your topic. A. Government statistics are updated annually depending on availability.

For instance, 249.1 and 250.1 both represent diabetes with ketoacidosis, the differing factor being whether the condition is primary or secondary. This means that most often the symptoms start in the feet and progress upwards, and usually symptoms are more severe in the feet. However, we have included some “hot topic” treatment data (e.g., alternative therapies, insulin therapy, antiemetics, etc.). A. Search Options Keyword Search The IPD uses a controlled vocabulary of over 10,000 keywords to help you better target your search needs. Type II primary diabetes results in insulin resistance; although the body produces insulin, the body’s cells don’t respond appropriately to the insulin. For cases without those conditions, there is only symptomatic treatment.

When you type a word or partial word in the criteria box, a dropdown list of all keywords containing your search term will appear onscreen. Coding for CAD in ICD-10 depends on whether there is documentation of the patient having a previous CABG and/ or whether the patient is documented as having angina as well. Using truncated terms can help you find the exact keyword you are looking for. Patients with conditions that are known to cause secondary diabetes are monitored on a regular basis with serum glucose testing before any symptoms appear. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. You can browse our ICD Index to find a specific code or run a keyword search to find codes associated to a specific diagnosis or procedure. Following coding guidelines, if you document “DVT”, it is assumed to be an acute condition and the code is I82.409 (Acute venous embolism and thrombosis of unspecified deep vessels of unspecified lower extremity).

Using an asterisk (*) in your search will retrieve your main code as well as its subcodes (for example, searching on “36.*” will retrieve entries for 36., 36.0, 36.05, etc.). Many cases of secondary diabetes are treated like Type II cases, because their presentation is similar to the insulin resistance found in Type II patients. ^ Latov, Norman (2007). Certain non-disease topics like treatment compliance and managed care, as well as more general topics like chronic pain, are also covered. For CKD stage 5 or 6 the Hypertension code is I13.2. Condensed notes about the study design are also included to provide vital contextual information. Coders may also expect very significant revisions to the ICD-9-CM diagnosis index related to these code additions.

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