[ Diabetes Type 2 ]

The use of dialogue tools to promote dialogue-based and person-centred patient education for people with

Regular professional members shall enjoy membership benefits that include: CDA professional conference discount, chapter membership, one interest group membership, access to the Canadian Journal of Diabetes, access to CDA publications, a discounted rate for education materials, and, access to the members only area on diabetes.ca. Integrated care for diabetes combines three critical elements: (1) clinical care, (2) community engagement, and (3) data collection and analysis to drive improvement. Education was delivered through the American Diabetes Association-recognized education programs of the participant’s care system. This can put a huge financial and emotional strain on families. Some individuals find themselves scratching their heads when their physician tells them their diabetes in not in control… in fact, they may hear the term “out of control” in reference to their diabetes. Diabetologia 2013 (in press). Specifically, we will focus on three different aspects: (i) microRNAs as regulators of immune homeostasis in autoimmune diabetes; (ii) microRNA expression in pancreatic islet inflammation; (iii) microRNAs as players in the dialogue between the immune system and pancreatic endocrine cells.

Finally, in consultation with his doctor and his wife, Anna, he decided that removing his entire leg would give him the best chance of living a quality life.

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