[ Diabetes Type 1 ]

The theme of World Health Day 2016 is beating diabetes

Type I Diabetes Mellitus (DM), once referred to as juvenile diabetes, is a genetic condition characterized by the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to facilitate the transport of glucose into the body’s cells to be used for energy production. (Stock Free Images) There is an epidemic of obesity in America, and I see the signs in my office every day. The BBD team will be handing out leaflets and talking to people about recognising the warning signs of the disease. As you probably know, the statistics indicate that many people around the world are at risk to develop diabetes. In addition, if you are diabetic then there is an 85 percent chance that you also suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and this increases the risk of heart disease. The other two are proteins and fats. On the forum we have found that with the number of new people being diagnosed with diabetes each day, sometimes the NHS is not being able to give all the advice it would perhaps like to deliver – particularly with regards to people with type 2 diabetes.

But gaining control over the amount of sodium you eat can be difficult because about 75 percent of it comes from salt added to processed foods and restaurant foods. In some people with the disease, this protein forms clumps that interfere with the ability of nerve cells to communicate with each other. I find it a lot quicker to learn something that I read. If you’re diabetic, be careful when you get a pedicure. According to scientists this is because the receptors are blocked with fat. Whenever you talk, walk, run, read a book, think, and so on … everything you do … you are being powered by glucose.

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