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The Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System in Hypertension: Roles of Insulin Resistance and Oxidative Stress

Hypertension is a common health problem especially among people over age of 60 years. In performing this primary conduit function, the arteries transform the pulsatile flow generated by ventricular contraction into a continuous flow of blood in the periphery. Cardiovascular disease is common in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) regardless of age, stage of kidney disease or if they’ve had a transplant. Laboratory tests Laboratory testing is not diagnostic for hypertension, but tests are frequently ordered to detect conditions that may be causing and/or exacerbating high blood pressure and to evaluate and monitor organ function over time. Cholesterol build up in the arteries decreasing the passageway through which blood can flow. High blood pressure results from the tightening of very small arteries called arterioles. The first number is your systolic pressure.

The researchers set out to examine the effectiveness of the Iranian rural primary health-care system, the Behvarz system of community health workers, in the management of diabetes and hypertension, the two leading metabolic risk factors for mortality in Iran. Medication is also an effective tool in managing the condition when used in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise. Louis, found that the protein peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPAR-alpha), which is present in glucocorticoids, often leads to insulin resistance. To be attended by the who’s who, including PM Manmohan Singh, the historic UN General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of NCDs on September 19 and 20 will decide how to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes, which together cause 8 million deaths worldwide, annually. The significance of these contradictory results is not clear yet, and further studies are needed to clarify the significance of insulin signaling in sodium and water metabolism. Hanevold C, Waller J, Daniels S, Portman R, Sorof J. Injection of angiotensin II (Ang II) in the brain of experimental models causes increased sympathetic output.

It is important that you know and understand everything about your disease in order to be educated and get your diabetes under control. The report by Tedesco et al8 corroborates many experimental and clinical observations of an adverse vascular profile in hypertensive-diabetics but as it stands, provides little insight into the pathophysiology of arterial stiffness/function and the broader implications for other aspects of vascular biology. Heart failure: A strong heart pumps blood throughout the body. The nitric oxide synthase enzymes, in particular endothelial nitric oxide synthase enzymes (eNOS), are another important source of ROS. This is an early warning that a major stroke is possible. Eye damage. Your doctor will test your blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor.

An increase of one Behvarz worker per 1,000 residents was associated with a 0.09 mmol/L reduction in fasting blood glucose. Lose extra weight. Other studies conducted in vitro and in animal models have reported a beneficial effect of antioxidants on insulin sensitivity. There is increasing evidence for the beneficial effects of RAAS inhibition on metabolic signaling, CVD, and CKD in patients with insulin resistance or overt T2DM. ACE inhibitors and ANG II-receptor blockers (ARBs) have been studied extensively in HTN, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and CKD and are recommended to prevent CVD and nephropathy in patients with T2DM.59,60 In addition, some of these studies have also suggested reduced incidence of new-onset T2DM, through secondary outcomes and post hoc analysis. 17. Other studies that have demonstrated reduction in incidence of new-onset diabetes with the use of ACE inhibitors and ANG II-receptor blockers include the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial,64 Studies Of Left Ventricular Dysfunction,65 and Losartan Intervention For Endpoint Reduction in Hypertension Study.66 Possible mechanisms responsible for the reduced incidence of diabetes in these trials include improvement in insulin-mediated glucose uptake, enhanced endothelial function, increased NO activity, reduced inflammatory response, and increased bradykinin levels.

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