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The Diabetes Care Project

Texas has a high prevalence of diabetes and an especially high incidence of diabetic complications such as amputations and renal failure. This network of healthcare professionals, business leaders, government officials and patients are dedicated to finding solutions to today’s complex diabetes problems in the South Texas community. Glucose is the main source of fuel for the body. If you don’t want to be another statistic, you might try avoiding these 8 surprising foods that contain sugar. The field office opened in February 1981 and has operated continuously since then. This Steering Committee is not final, and will change and evolve as the effort grows. Only Austin exceeded the national average, with 78.9% of Type 2 diabetes patients receiving an A1c test in 2008, compared to 73.8% nationally.

The ratio of lower to upper body fat distribution decreases over the life cycle, being highest at adolescence and lowest at ages 40–50 in both sexes. She said she has seen improvement in diabetes treatment over the years. The body’s blood glucose or sugar levels rise more than normal. Our program involves hands on training activities and involvement of the family/support system for optimal success. Description: Organization run by parents of diabetic children in McAllen, TX. More than 150,000 Mexicans receive dialysis treatments. The purpose of the South Texas Literacy Coalition is to lead an active coalition of South Texas literacy programs, learners, and supporters, by coordinating and integrating resources to strengthen adult, family, and children’s literacy services and presenting a unified voice on the defined and prioritized goals of literacy which contribute to economically sustainable communities.

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