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The accuracy of home glucose meters in hypoglycemia. – PubMed

The information gleaned from a pinprick of blood placed on a test strip inserted into the meter helps you prevent blood glucose highs and lows, and learn how diet, exercise, stress, illness, and other things affect your blood glucose levels. It’s compact, fast and affordable, and it doesn’t require complicated coding when using its branded glucose testing strips. At various elevations each climber-subject used the randomly assigned device to measure the glucose level of capillary blood and three different concentrations of standardized control solutions, and a venous sample was also collected for later glucose analysis. If you have diabetes, your doctor may have you monitor your own blood sugar levels to know when you should take insulin and in what amounts. “The more confused you are the more you understand status quo,” he replied. Any substance ingested by the body—including food, medicines, and supplements—that affects blood sugar levels will directly or indirectly affect the amount of insulin you require. Actually, not one but two or more.

Test, then test again. Call your insurance company before you purchase a meter and ask how to get a meter and supplies. The in vitro tests were consistent with the above clinical data. Of these, 27 passed; we’ve listed those that were accurate at least 99 percent of the time. The present results show that not all the HGMs are accurate enough in low blood glucose levels. Your insurance may cover fewer strips than your doctor says you’ll need. When you purchase a ReliOn blood glucose monitoring system, you receive access to a library of information about diabetes and monitoring blood sugar levels.

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