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Testing Your Blood Sugar at Home – When and Who Should Check?

The Doctor actually gave me no advice about diet or anything. But in fact the big advantage is the more information and therefore greater control you would get from weekly testing at home. A results of less than 7% shows that your blood sugars have been excellently controlled. It is important to keep a log of your results. (75g of glucose) 3.5 hours after last eating. Medicare started covering home testing for people who had mechanical heart valves in 2001. During times of illness, especially if you are vomiting or being sick.

You can expect results in next 15-20 seconds. 30 minutes later before I ate, it was 4.4. The cost is for renting the testing device and buying the test strips. The colour shows how much glucose is in the urine sample. CGM uses a small device placed under the skin of your tummy, which measures the glucose amount in the fluid present in your body. Possibly my Magnesium supplementation could have helped. Almost four million people have atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, and mechanical heart valves and could qualify for home testing, he says.

Therefore we recommend Urine Testing as a way of first diagnosing blood glucose levels, but to reassure yourself we recommend getting the HbA1c blood test as well. Some test before and after their meals. The most marked of these was the day I did my GTT. Stroke is the bigger concern of most people. Most people with diabetes controlled by diet or medication have all their care provided at their usual surgery. Testing after taking your meals and before sleeping would tell you if you are taking sufficient medicine to cover the meals you have in the day and making the correct diet choices. The thing that confused me was the Doctor said in my most recent test, I was showing no signs of dehydration yet I was still thirsty & peeing a lot.

Among the complications of diabetes stroke is one of the most common and most serious. You should receive an invitation letter for a diabetes annual review appointment at approximately the same time each year. Thus, testing will help eliminate the guesswork, helping you take better decision about the actions you need to take to manage your diabetes. Anyway, all I need take away is that I am at increased risk but if I continue with my current diet, I have nothing to be worried about whatsoever. I’ve known and worked with him for years, ever since he worked for the company that made the GlucoWatch.

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