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Tandem’s Project Odyssey May Change Upgrades from Hardware to Software

Tandem Diabetes Care wants to change how we think about upgrading to the latest and greatest diabetes technology, using a model more like that of smartphones and mobile apps, where customers just download new software when ready, and only trade in the actual physical devices every few years when contracts run out. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Livongo Health, the leading consumer digital health company focused on improving care for chronic conditions, released new outcomes information demonstrating positive clinical improvements and potential financial savings for organizations using the Livongo for Diabetes program. Ltd. I just don´t know what to say about the Vista Home Basic “OEM” product you mentioned. Users can also download data from other management tools like blood glucose graphs. Glooko Personal Advisor aims to help PWDs better understand their retrospective diabetes data and improve daily decisions by using proprietary pattern recognition algorithms to recognize trends and deliver targeted educational content based on those trends. EPIC Integration Although Glooko is also available on the web (via our Population Tracker) and sends patient data securely to the cloud when either a patient syncs it on their mobile phone or their provider syncs it when they visit the clinic, a number of our partners/healthcare systems have invested in and are required to use Electronic Health Record(EHR) software in their clinic.

Patient advocacy group(s) will be represented. Although these monitors collect nearly 300 data points per day on the patients who use them, analyzing all of that data to make treatment recommendations has become nearly impossible for physicians such as Schwartz, who manages some 400 to 500 patients. and launch a free Health2Sync mobile app for diabetes management. – Synchronizes record data and foods with our iPhone/iPod software (sold separately) for tracking your data while you’re on the go. It would also allow Tandem to upgrade their current pump using the most accurate current CGM (Dexcom G4) and rapidly upgrade to the G5 CGM with its Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones when it becomes available. The hope is to offer smaller, less expensive, more convenient and clinically impactful sensors and software. Online software upgrades may also be a more efficient way to put new features through clinical trials for FDA approval.

Build and access a “favorites” list of foods and exercises for quick entry. GitKraken is written in Electron and is totally cross-platform. Most pump companies avoid having potential customers delay their purchase once the news is announced that a new model has been submitted to the FDA. They offer an upgrade program that allows a buyer to purchase the current version of the pump now and upgrade at a reduced cost when the new version becomes available. Current and potential t:slim customers only have one option at this point: wait until the t:slim G4 is available to buy a new pump. Recent reports have Tandem now saying that they will handle customer needs after a new product is approved. It is unclear how current t:slim users and prospective buyers will respond to this vague statement, and sales of the current model may be hit if clarification of the upgrade policy is not forthcoming.

These advancements would improve Tandem’s relationship with their current and prospective customers. “If you need someone to stop smoking, or to do more exercise outdoors, a relational agent can help with that,” Dr Luerssen says. It is not clear whether Medtronic’s 620G model available in Japan or the 640G now available in Australia have the ability to upgrade software via an online download. This may be an advantage for Tandem, especially with its access to the dozens of patents that Tandem purchased from Deltec for the Cozmo pump. Tandem, an innovator in insulin pump features and design, is using innovation to provide service to their customers in a novel way while conserving the use of their resources. The transition to upgrading pumps with new software via a download will take time and patience but will hopefully lead to a faster, less expensive, more efficient process once FDA approval is in place.

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