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Are Dates Good for You?

A food’s glycemic index (GI) is the measure of how much that food will cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This thick fruit brimming with sugars can only send me drooling. “Sugar” is both a broad category and a misleading one. Usually, when we fast, there is a dip in our blood sugar levels, which the natural sugars balance. Talk with your child’s dietitian for guidance. Normal volunteer subjects were fed the commercially processed khalas, barhi, and bo ma’an dates. All types of the sugar come in blocks or pastes of solidified concentrated sugar syrup heated to 200 °C (392 °F).

Modern medicine has shown that they are effective in preventing abdominal cancer. This can be caused by eating too much refined food, drinking too little water and / or not eating enough fibre. You may also try an equal amount of a sugar substitute such sucralose (brand name Splenda), which is made from cane sugar but does not convert to blood sugar. Honey: Whether it’s raw or organic doesn’t matter when it comes to fructose content. Full of Magnesium: Experts say that many people in the U.S. Mix in oil if using. So, you can now enjoy a sugar-free ice cream after your meal.

Twelve apple rings is equivalent to eating about 2 apples a day. Moreover, oxytocin also initiates the secretion of mother’s milk. Including them in smaller quantities in your daily diet can help you keep a check on cholesterol level, and even assist in weight loss. Or go chipless; these

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Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic ulcers are sores that occur at the pressure points on the foot, and usually on the sole where contact against the ground is most common. 8, 2015 – In our previous posts, we noted a diabetic’s wound heals slower. To determine the prevalence of diabetic foot ulcers amongst the newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus patients (n = 1674) a cross-sectional study was carried out during the period January 2010 to January 2011 in the department of medicine, NRS Medical College, Kolkata. Early identification of a diabetic foot ulcer will improve your chances of healing. The cause of death was identified from death certificates (DC) and postmortem (PM) examinations. There is a full thickness skin loss involving subcutaneous tissue (the tissue between the skin and the muscle). The main cause of foot ulcer is diabetic neuropathy and lack of blood circulation in smaller blood vessels of foot.

Being overweight and using alcohol and tobacco also plays a role in the development of foot ulcers. In diabetic peripheral neuropathy, all fibres (sensory, motor and autonomic) are affected. If not treated, the bacterial infection can destroy skin, tissue, and bone or spread throughout the body. Foot ulcers are caused by several factors. Clean your feet daily. The other issue is low blood pressure combined with poor circulation in the feet. Do not wear garters and tight stockings around the legs.

During the healing process, it will be important to change the wound care dressings according

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