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Dr Nita Forouhi – MRC Epidemiology Unit

Methods  An epidemiological model was constructed by applying age–sex–ethnic-specific reference prevalence rates from epidemiological studies to resident populations (2001 census) of England at national, regional, and local authority/Primary Care Trust levels. The researchers also found that the number of people receiving prescriptions for insulin for type 2 diabetes during the nearly 20-year period, overtook the number of people with type 1 diabetes. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes and ‘pre-diabetes’, defined as impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose tolerance, in the Portuguese population aged between 20 and 79 years. The prevalence of self-reported diabetes diagnosed by a doctor was analysed in relation to household income, occupational social class and educational qualifications. The prevalence of abnormal liver enzymes was significantly higher in men (odds ratio 1.40, 95% CI 1.07-1.83), in the youngest 5-year age band (odds ratio 2.02, 95% CI 1.44-2.84), in patients with diabetes duration < 5 years (odds ratio 1.38, 95% CI 1.01-1.90), plasma HbA(1c) ≥ 58 mmol/mol (7.5%) (odds ratio 1.43, 95% CI 1.09-1.88), obese BMI (odds ratio 2.84, 95% CI 1.59-3.06) and secondary care management for their diabetes (odds ratio 1.40, 95% CI 1.05-1.87). The metabolic syndrome was diagnosed according to the WHO criteria 1999 and to the working definition suggested by the NCEP 2001. IGT was detected in 8.2% of men and 14.3

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Why aren’t we called I Quit Fructose?

The debates in the nutrition world about the value of low- and no-calorie sweeteners are often loud and raucous, but when the discussion turns to their role in diabetes, the conversations become much more harmonious. After seeing so many people suffering from obesity related diseases like heart disease, diabetes and the side effects of the medication they were taking, I was strongly motivated to research what actually causes people to become obese, it clearly was not just the fat they were eating! Simple carbohydrates are either monosaccharides (one sugar molecule) or disaccharides (two sugar molecules). All of the foods we eat are made up of many components – carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. Glycogen is released back into the blood stream to be converted into energy by whichever part of the body is in need of energy as, when and in the quantities that it is needed. For those who think that HFCS is the culprit behind an epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, this is an all-out, no-holds-barred battle. Broadly-speaking, excess weight is stored as fat under the skin.

Most fruits contain the sugar fructose. Sugar is typically a combination of glucose and fructose, but the body responds to these two forms of sugar quite differently. It’s too bad that Americans view doughnuts as a breakfast food as, nutritionally speaking, eating a doughnut is one of the worst ways to start off your day. If you don’t have diabetes or pre-diabetes, grapes and raisins typically

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Has anyone been overdue? Any stories? in Your Labour and Birth | Forum

Annie started measuring as a big baby very early in my pregnancy, always a week or two off. Well chances are the pregnant mother had undiagnosed or ineffectively treated gestational diabetes, resulting in a larger than normal baby. I looked up at my partner, Ged, and said, “I think my waters just broke!” He said, ‘You’re only 29 weeks pregnant, this can’t be happening!’ But I knew it was. Of special note, the genetic testing and frequent warnings we received, made us feel like something was guaranteed to be wrong with the baby. What were the chances that I could actually have gestational diabetes? GD was the first things on my mind when I found out I was pregnant again. She made it to 10 centimeters, but she was unable to push her past her pubic bone and the baby began experiencing decelerations — so off to the OR she went.

Cesarean birth has serious risks both to mother and baby. It was a Tuesday, during my 38th week, at my weekly appointment with my doctor… All was going very well; I was already 3cm dilated and he even predicted from the heart rate that I was having a baby girl (I did not know the gender and had always wanted a girl) and that the baby could come at any time. Every night before bed, I would play out how the labour and delivery would go in my head. Many mothers with gestational diabetes are able to adequately control their own blood sugar levels throughout labour by monitoring (finger pricking) and continuing

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