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Practical Fasting Tips

Second, this *is* dawn phenomenon. Glucocorticoids antagonize or counter the effects of insulin and increase gluconeogenesis–basically they have an overall blood sugar raising effect[1]. The injection of animal insulin was controversial when it was first used to save the lives of diabetics back in 1922, however it’s use has extended the lives of millions of people including yours truly.  Both of the women have arthritis, but only one is being treated with corticosteroids. The target HbA1c will then determine the nature of the therapy and that target can be modified according to both diabetes duration and co-morbidities. The study showed that intensive therapy compared to conventional therapy significantly helped prevent or delay diabetes complications. The problem is that some days I wake with increased BG and other days I don’t.

Excess Carbs and Protein (Carbs that are not needed right now for energy; Protein that is not needed right now for growth and repair) are sent to the liver to be stored as Glycogen. Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed in adults over age 40 but can develop in younger people and children. Januvia, Tradjenta, Onglyza, and Nesina are a growing group of DPP-4 inhibitors. We are not diabetic but we may wake with elevated blood glucose. To accommodate changes in basal need, pumps provide temporary basal rates that can be increased or decreased in 1% to 10% increments for 1 to 72 hours as needed for illness, exercise, or other situations

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