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Mobile health has come a long way since the start of 2009 when Apple demonstrated on-stage at its World Wide Developer Conference how blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters could connect to the iPhone 3G via cables or Bluetooth. That means glucose data from the Bluetooth-enabled OneTouch VerioSync meter can now be shared with other diabetes and health apps on the iPhone automatically in the background. Each time I tested my blood sugar, I’d pull the spreadsheet out of the laminate cover, record the number, make any necessary notes in the tiniest handwriting, and slip it back in its protective cover until the next time I tested. Unfortunately, many glucose meters are fairly low-tech — a far cry from modern devices. While it might not be as futuristic-appearing as some other less recognizable glucometers, the design team at LifeScan did a good job balancing familiarity with modern aesthetics. In my case my wireless mouse receiver. However, when I first laid eyes on the black packaging that stood out from all of its boring competitors, I got the sense that this might be a different experience.

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Celiac Disease and Diabetes: Jane Kokernak Goes Gluten-Free | The DX: The Diabetes Experience

Gluten, a term we hear about every day, is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Celiac disease is associated with both human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and non-HLA genes and with other immune disorders, notably juvenile diabetes and thyroid disease. Indeed, several epidemiological and genetic studies strongly suggest a more-than-random association between type 1 diabetes and CD (2,3), but no current guidelines encourage different approaches in patients with the coexistence of the two diseases in terms of glycometabolic targets and/or screening of vascular complications. I found that cane and beet sugar has a higher sulfur content that challenges my immune system and my body hates these days. The disease causes damage to the small intestine and prevents nutrients from being absorbed from food. Deborah Smyth, BSc, of England’s University of Cambridge — studied the DNA of more than 22,000 Europeans, including 8,000 type 1 diabetes patients and 2,560 people with celiac disease. This intervention will be delivered by a dietician who is trained in celiac disease and gluten free diet.

Expert registered dietitians support patients and their families by providing education regarding the gluten-free diet and its various challenges, including an introductory gluten-free class that is offered to all patients upon diagnosis. One medical study found that 42% of newly diagnosed celiac patients had mildly elevated liver enzymes. Patience, a strong support system and a positive

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Discoveries in Diabetes | The Saturday Evening Post

Asked to rank ten things, people are commonly afraid of, respondents listed having injections in fifth place behind a fear of snakes, sharks, heights and lighting. So, for now, I’ve actually got the hang of MDI again – you’d think I’d know after 41 years prior to going onto the pump back in 2008 – but if you don’t use it – you lose it as the saying goes. Phoenix is starting to complain about so many injections everyday so they thought these might help him with the stress of injections. But then, after I posted, I got to thinking: Just how did the Austin, Tex., woman who came up with this inspired idea–one Catherine “K.K.” Patton of Austin, Tex.–make it happen? Taking injectable medications may cause pain, bruising, discomfort or anxiety due to repeated skin punctures. It makes taking shots easier for you. Combining Medtronic’s expertise in diabetes and Henry Schein’s access and reach into PCP offices will help better serve the 27.9 million Americans with type 2 diabetes.

Een stripje kost ongeveer tussen de 50 cent en een euro per stuk. I’m fine with that that I can only use the port for one insulin. For a 5 day period a box of insuflon would last for 7 weeks, and the daily cost to the HSE would be €1.20 per day & €36.00 per month. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other health care professional. It has been a leading

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