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Simple rice-cooking hack could reduce calories by 60 per cent

Benefits of brown rice. I was worried about the wording stating it was ‘brown rice’, I mean what if once cooked it was different in colour, my kids wouldn’t touch it! It provides carbohydrates which are an essential source of energy. This diet replaces high-GI carbohydrates with low-GI carbohydrates, and incorporates kilojoule reduction. Nickless has been an educator and administrator at the undergraduate and graduate levels for the past five years. This is important while creating a diet for diabetics and women with PCOS. Soil and climate of the region account for the unique aroma, taste and texture of basmati rice.

The complete grain of rice is soaked, steamed and dried, then the hull is removed to make parboiled rice. Rice is normally classified as a carbohydrate. The survey, done by TGI’s Ask Africa group, aimed to find the brands which have a high level of affinity and loyalty in townships. Twenty-six calories may not seem like much of a difference, but consuming an extra 26 calories a day over one year can lead to a 2.7-pound weight gain. When it comes to choosing what kind of rice to eat, Harriman recommends a lower-GI variety that’s widely available, such as basmati rice. The plant should be sowed timely to ensure good yield and quality. The specific levels of the most recent testing were about 110 parts per billion.

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