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Scientists think they have discovered a breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug

I recently had a talk with a diabetic friend of mine who suddenly became extremely motivated to eat healthier after reading an article which linked type II diabetes to Alzheimer’s. Within research circles, this condition is widely known as “Type 3 diabetes” because of the blood sugar and insulin connection to the disease. With such a dire prognosis, and a complete lack of effective treatment options, any new research – particularly research involving executable steps towards prevention (e.g. It is developed primarily from an unhealthy lifestyle and affects over 26 million in this country. After having been exposed to several accounts of such tragedies, it serves as a reminder of why I want to do what I do. “We have demonstrated that a loss of insulin in the brain triggers the onset of Alzheimer’s, probably because as the brain loses insulin, the cells that require insulin to function and survive also eventually die. With the greater severities of dementia and neurodegeneration, the differences from control were more pronounced for late AD (VF and brain) than early or moderate AD (brain, VF and CSF).

The difference in conditions between the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes mean the markers he will be tracking are different. In August, a team of scientists at Northwestern University were the first to show why the brain’s “memory function” fails in the face of an insulin shortage. That means up to one drink per day for women and up to two for men. This leads to less cell apoptosis and less synapses being destroyed.

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