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Safety and efficacy of insulin detemir basal-bolus therapy in type 1 diabetes patients: 14-week data

To compare the efficacy and safety of an intensified insulin regimen, using insulin glargine (glargine) once daily and pre-meal insulin glulisine (glulisine) (basal-bolus), with a conventional therapy, using premixed insulin (premix) twice daily. is a 60-year-old white man whom we were asked to evaluate for perioperative glycemic control. Then, I would enter my carbs and use my I:C ratio to figure the bolus dose needed. This 3-month, randomized, open-label study involved 48 children aged 1-18 yr. This option is called standard bolus or scroll bolus (with Accu-Chek insulin pumps), normal /express bolus (with the Paradigm insulin pump) or standard bolus or visual /Xpress bolus (with Deltec Cozmo). We calculated youths’ mean BGM and BOLUS score using a standardized protocol. 7.0 +/- 1.2%, p = 0.001), took fewer daily boluses (3.8 +/- 1.7 vs.

In multiple regression analyses, youths’ BOLUS score better explains the variations in HbA1c levels than either youths’ 2h-BOLUS or TOTAL-BOLUS scores. Moreover, when using rapid-acting insulin analogs, children need an additional insulin shot to control the carbohydrate intake of their afternoon snack, which is a common practice among children living in the Mediterranean area. Models representing the dependence of insulin absorption rate on insulin disappearance and the remote insulin effect on its volume of distribution could not be validated suggesting that these effects are not present or cannot be detected during physiological conditions. For people using multiple daily injections (MDI), FIIT comprises long-acting basal insulin injected once or twice daily, and quick acting bolus insulin adjusted according to blood glucose levels and carbohydrate intake at meals.

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