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Role of first trimester total testosterone in prediction of subsequent gestational diabetes mellitus – Gözükara

A human study showed how powerful these DHEA positive side effects can modify body fat composition.4   When 52 elderly men and women took 50 mg per day of DHEA or placebo for 6 months, it reduced stubborn abdominal and subcutaneous body fat. “DHEA is the snake oil of the ’90s. Medical Letter with Dr. You’re probably thinking, “There’s something that can make me not interested in a hot fudge sundae? While DHEA treatments did not block either the direct cytotoxic action of SZ on beta-cells or the development of insulitis, the steroid significantly moderated the severity of the ensuing diabetes (reduced hyperglycemia and water consumption, and increased plasma insulin and numbers of residual, granulated beta-cells). DHEA replacement therapy can restore youthful DHEA levels. The fraction of staurosporine-induced early apoptosis but not that of secondary necrosis in PBL was reduced by the treatment with either DHEA or DHEAS.

This is the process of removing toxins from the body. These results suggest that the diosgenin-induced increase in the DHEA level may contribute to the improvement of hyperglycemia by activating the muscular GLUT4 signaling pathway in type 1 diabetes model rats. Compared with women without GDM, first trimester total testosterone levels were higher among women in whom GDM subsequently developed. It also became clear that DHEA increased insulin secretion in old-aged db/db mice. In conclusion, replacement therapy with 50 mg of DHEA for 12 weeks significantly increased insulin sensitivity in hypoadrenal women, thereby suggesting that DHEA replacement could have a potential impact in preventing type 2 diabetes. A total testosterone value of 0.45 ng/mL was found to predict development of GDM with a sensitivity of 63.6% and a specificity of 62.7%. First trimester total testosterone has a low testing power for GDM screening with low sensitivity and specificity values and cannot be used as a marker alone.

Already by the age of 50, DHEA-levels are very often less than half of the optimal levels.

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