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Research to shed light on diabetes risk to migrant populations | Horizon Magazine – European

While shopping at Publix this week, I picked up a copy of the Fall 2012 issue of Diabetes Focus, a  minimagazine that calls itself “America’s #1 Diabetes Magazine”. Pregnancy itself messes with the body’s hormones—including insulin—and can increase insulin resistance. The effects of oil-field wealth — both good and bad — had yet to kick in. If you have high blood pressure, then check out something I found in Diabetes Focus. These labels are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on most food products and beverages. If you need an extra tool to take control of your blood pressure, then go to www.HealthCentral.com/f/healthclock and enter the sweepstakes to win one of three iHealth Blood Pressure Docks. Treating diabetes complications is far more expensive than trying to ensure preventative measures are in place.

Joslin researcher George King, MD, is one of the people using data gathered from 50-year medalists (nearly 900 of them) to search for a cure. “The Circle of Care partnership reinforces the Ministry’s goal to form strategic partnerships for community programmes, which supports the National Health Agenda to improve the curative and preventive services related to chronic diseases in the UAE, with the hope of decreasing the diabetes comparative prevalence in the country from 19.3 percent(IDF Diabetes Atlas, 6th Edition) in 2015 to 16.28 percent by 2021, (https://www.vision2021.ae/sites/default/files/healthcare.pdf) complementing UAE Vision 2021.” he said. A leading expert in hypertension and diabetes recently stated, “Hypertension and diabetes can significantly increase the risks of heart disease, and having both together can be deadly. A passing score of 70% is required on the post-test. People with type 2 diabetes may also need insulin or other oral medications, such as metformin, to help regulate their blood sugar levels. Agricultural models also have an impact on diseases like diabetes: finding a better balance in the food system by focusing on the right proportions of starchy foods, vegetables and greenery, not only protects the environment and reduces poverty, but is essential for promoting better diets and public health. McLaughlin said.

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