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Physical activity and gestational diabetes mellitus. – PubMed

The primary aim was to explore whether arthritis is associated with poorer self-efficacy and motivation for, and participation in, two specific types of physical activity (PA): endurance training (ET) and strength training (ST). 38. RESULTS Free-living PAEE was comparable to that under controlled study conditions (3.8 and 5.1 kcal/kg/day, P = 0.241), with women achieving near to the recommended 30 min of moderate physical activity (median 27 min [interquartile range 14–68]). It indexes the intensity of exercise. Patients were randomized into a control group (n = 7) and a treatment group (n = 20), and received text messages (via the Short Message Service [SMS] on the smartphone) one to seven times a week to encourage physical activity. The distinct rs1152003 polymorphism interacted with the study group on the conversion to T2D (P = 0.027) and tended to increase the risk of T2D in the intervention group (P = 0.050). The exercise model describes changes in glucose-insulin dynamics in two phases: a rapid on-and-off change in insulin-independent glucose clearance and a rapid-on/slow-off change in insulin sensitivity.

Factors associated with lower odds of ≥5 days of PA included minority race/ethnicity, education, less-than-excellent general health, presence of a foot ulcer, increased body mass index, and depressive symptoms. Environmental factors included social support, availability of facilities, and weather.

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