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Based on a compliment we received from another SD handler and just how crowded it was yesterday, I realized I have never discussed how important it is or what is meant by protecting your service dog while out in public. I get asked a lot if these dogs ever get to be “treated like pets like most peoples dogs?” , if they get to have “fun”, if they get time off, If service dog life is a bad life or a rough life for the dogs. The park was jammed full of guests making it hard enough to traverse the park with kids, let alone a teenager handling a dog. Together, Nick and Bayer are introducing the special dog tags that feature a lyric from “A Little Bit Longer,” the song Nick wrote about his diabetes. You get 16 preprinted condition stickers, a medical information card. You’ve seen all the amazing things they can do, you know they can help you manage your diabetes (or your child’s diabetes), and you think you understand what it takes to share a household with one. While it is still unknown as to why dogs develop diabetes, scientists have determined that genetics may play a large role, which, unfortunately, is unavoidable.

If something were to happen, that critical information would be vital. While we are in the front seat, the kids aren’t technically far away, but I can’t tell what my daughter’s blood sugar is doing easily or safely while I am driving and she is in the back seat listening to her iPod, playing with her brother, or sleeping. This is important when you’re out and about, so people can act accordingly depending on the circumstances. Not knowing a dogs history could potentially pose a threat in an unknowing situation.

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