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Perspective on Maternal Obesity & Autism

FRIDAY, Jan. Speaking at a Rotary Club of Baton Rouge meeting Wednesday, Spain said the foundation wants to bring together various groups and stakeholders on autism, as well as hire a consultant who can create a “comprehensive plan” looking at autism in the Baton Rouge area, the services available, and where there are gaps and opportunities to help more. With the May 2013 publication of the DSM-5 diagnostic manual, all autism disorders were merged into one umbrella diagnosis of ASD. High-glycemic foods produce a rapid rise in blood sugar. Bart Classen, MD. Other research suggests that the true prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is still higher than the new CDC figures. The findings suggest that depression and anxiety are more than twice as common for those on the spectrum while bipolar disorder is eight times as likely and there is a 12-fold increase in the risk of epilepsy for this group.

About one in 68 U.S. It affects about 1 percent of the population, including 1 in 70 boys.[1]  Let’s compare autism’s prevalence to type 1 diabetes – 1 in 400; childhood cancer – 1 in 2,000; and cystic fibrosis – 1 in 3,500. Doctors can take a number of measures to help control the condition. More and more women are having children at an older age in recent years. Advanced parental age is yet another known risk factor for autism, especially that of the father. Look up the average sitter rate for your state on Sittercity’s rate calculator. “When I was a kid there used to be vending machines with cigarettes in them that were in the lobbies of restaurants.

There is big potential damage to vital organs from exercising with high blood glucose. It’s important to understand that no one of these environmental influences causes autism in and of itself. However, I suspect that, as occurs with normal males as well, estrogen may be playing a larger role when it comes to neocortical development in autism. This week’s Pediatrics article is one in a number of reports that have come out of the Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment Study (CHARGE)over the past few years. Examining existing research involving more than 1.1 million children, scientists also found that longer pregnancy spacing — in excess of five years — may be linked to raised odds of the increasingly common neurodevelop… A woman who has risk factors for gestational diabetes — such as being overweight, older than 25 or having a history of gestational diabetes — should consider earlier screening, such as at the first prenatal visit, Xiang said. These research findings have been emerging for years, and we’re sure to see more of them.

Not every child can be so clearly diagnosed, however. Therefore, the most compelling guidance to women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant is to be as healthy as you can be. Seek and follow the guidance of your obstetrician or other healthcare provider before you become pregnant and through your pregnancy. Autism Speaks continues to actively fund research on environmental factors and gene-environment interactions and how they influence the risk of autism. You can explore these and other studies using our Grant Search. This research is made possible by the inspiring dedication and efforts of our families, volunteers and donors. Other research has shown that there may be impaired functioning of the intestinal wall in autism (the “leaky gut” wall), and also alterations in the working of the nervous system connecting the GI system to the brain, especially involving the neurotransmitter serotonin.

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