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Osteoprotegerin and biomarkers of vascular inflammation in type 2 diabetes. – PubMed

In adherence to ACCME Standards for Commercial Support, Audio Digest requires all faculty and members of the planning committee to disclose relevant financial relationships within the past 12 months that might create any personal conflicts of interest. Its secretion is normally stimulated by increases in the amount of glucose in circulation. Dynamics of differential mRNA expression along with physiological indices relevant to diabetes were quantitated. The identification of biomarkers and pathogenic determinants of progression not only could provide tools physicians could use to monitor disease progression but could also give important insights into the mechanisms behind diabetic vascular complications, thus potentially opening new avenues for treatment. Levels of 2-AAA were not well correlated with other metabolite biomarkers of diabetes, such as branched chain amino acids and aromatic amino acids, suggesting they report on a distinct pathophysiological pathway. Over 20% of men aged ≥65 years had fasting glucose concentrations above the clinical cut-off for diabetes (≥7 mmol/L) compared to 2.1% of women of similar age (p=0.007). Here we highlight interesting recent findings in type 1 diabetes research.

As a final note, most of the miRNAs reported in the literature have not yet been validated in sufficiently powered and longitudinal studies for specificity for that particular disease. OPG, but not RANKL or TRAIL, is significantly increased in type 2 diabetes. (5) All novel biomarker research (regardless of analytical platforms used) needs to be tested against information available from commonly measured variables in clinical practice.

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