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OMRF researcher receives funding to investigate how diabetes affects the heart

Fighting with your lover? However, too much of it can damage tissues. Given the pivotal role of metabolism in cardiac disease, a greater understanding of the why metabolism is abnormal, how this modifies the disease and whether this information can be used to develop new treatments may lead to new therapies for cardiovascular disease. Magnetic Resonance (MR) expert Professor Iain Wilkinson and his team from the Academic Unit of Radiology, together with colleagues from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will be using a pioneering 3T MR scanner to make significant advances in research into diabetes. As you age, so do your blood vessels. Each subject underwent a noninvasive echocardiogram exam to measure the dimensions of the heart, muscle thickness, and filling capacity of the left ventricle. Tobacco products contain chemicals that can irritate the blood vessel walls, increasing inflammation, damaging and “stiffening” the vessel walls — all conditions that are associated with atherosclerosis.

Thirdly, she will find out if use of a drug that lowers blood sugar reduces the production of nitric oxide and improves cardiovascular function in this condition. This profound autonomic stimulus provokes hemodynamic changes, the important consequences of which are to maintain the supply of glucose to the brain and promote the hepatic production of glucose. Although elevated LDL cholesterol levels increase the risk for heart disease, people with diabetes don’t necessarily have too much of the fatty stuff. “If you do these things and are still unable to control your blood pressure, you will need to consult your physician and follow advice regarding medications to help lower blood pressure,” Dr.

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