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Oil-sniffing dogs can help detect pipeline leaks, Calgary handler says

PHILADELPHIA — McBaine, a bouncy black and white springer spaniel, perks up and begins his hunt at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. For those like Chris Gardner, 33, from Swinton, the difficulties of coping with type one diabetes used to be overwhelming. Rex joined the Mullins family in April when he was just 8 months old but already well on his way to becoming a fully trained Diabetic Detection Dog for the two young boys who have both been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. The exercise was repeated several times with the dogs accurately detecting the cancer odour each time. Even from across the room, Julia can smell changes in Jim’s saliva and sweat that indicate whether his blood sugar is too high or too low — conditions that can lead to a host of serious health problems from kidney damage to coma. Canines and humans communicate in very different ways. Our ‘Lions Toast’ Whisky Tasting events have been immensely popular but unfortunately due to such an active calendar during 2015 we haven’t had one for 15 months – but that is about to change.

Well, I made it to $250…that’s an average of $25 a day that I raised in the 5 days that I was raising. They even posted requests for help on the internet in an attempt to find other doctors with patients showing similar symptoms. A few weeks passed and then we received an email to say that they had a possible dog for Gemma, a black Labrador called Polo. For pipelines that aren’t carrying any product, Mistafa will mix a substance called mercaptan — the same rotten-egg smell when a gas stove has been left on or a furnace is leaking — into pressurized air or water, enabling Duke to detect a potential leak. “While dogs aren’t a regular part of our multi-layered strategy, the use of canine sniffing is something that we recognize as a legitimate tool that can be added to supplement our toolbox in certain situations,” he says. Around 10% of all adults with diabetes have type 1, which is treated by insulin injections, a healthy diet and exercise. But Nuttall shared on Facebook that Jedi’s alerts are often ahead of the meters.

The DVD is best when purchased with the book, which offers more details and explanations of the sections presented. But much more work is needed, as dogs haven’t done as well on more rigorous tests in some cases. But what if dogs aren’t an option for you or simply aren’t your thing?

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