[ Diabetes Type 2 ]

Nurse Educators Improve Diabetes Outcomes

You can gain learn more about diabetes nursing through course work and independent study. Learn from another diabetes educator’s practice in this 90-minute webinar. UPMC Presbyterian is seeking the perfect candidate for a full-time Diabetic Educator position to support the Diabetes and Endocrinology division of Falk Clinic in the Oakland neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh. She is also an active clinical pharmacist with Advocate Medical Group, where for the past seven years she has managed and adjusted medications for patients with diabetes. Kathleen Wolff is a nurse practitioner and instructor in nursing at the Osher Center for Integrative Health at Vanderbilt. dietitian only. “I realized very quickly that I needed a career that would afford me health insurance to help me take care of my disease, and that playing music seven nights a week was not conducive to keeping my disease under control.” Chris still plays as a freelance drummer with four different bands in Nashville on Broadway, but mostly for society and charity events that hire bands for entertainment.

The course format includes didactic and interactive presentations from a variety of experts, group discussions, and case studies. If you have a diabetes educator in your hospital or one of the clinics in your area, talk with the person that does the hiring. My decision to pursue a career in nursing or, I should say, one of the health professions, really went back when I was in high school just thinking about leaving and going into college. A diabetes nurse educator generally has more time to spend per patient than a physician and can address lifestyle issues in depth. The follow-up visit was the first scheduled visit with their primary care physician after the intervention and the mean duration of follow up was 4.6 months.

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