[ Diabetes Type 1 ]


JDRF One Walk is the new name of the Walk to Cure Diabetes. According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2011 there were 366 million people with DM, and this is expected to rise to 552 million by 2030, mostly in low and middle income countries. As per the data shared by International Diabetes Federation in year 2009, India had a population of 50.8 million suffering from Diabetes Mellitus (DM). I left the house this morning with a BG of 5.9, 10 units of Novorapid and sticking to my carbs of 30 for breakfast and with a relatively healthy lunch box in the rucsac. Post UN Summit year in 2012, governments have committed to a 25% worldwide reduction in preventable disease, disability and death. Sunfit will also be providing free Yoga lessons for the day in the Wellness area. These people only have limited contact with the rest of the world – during winter, travel is often impossible and phone/e-mail are only available when a satellite passes overhead.

Spending Christmas with my son in Bradenton, we had breakfast by the beach at Anna Marie, dinner was Chinese carry-out. Manual entries at R45 are available at Brian Band Sports (Newton Park), News Cafe (Boardwalk) and the Zports office (North End Lake). The Seminar was presided over by Dr V.Ramankutty, Professor, Achuthamenon Centre for Health Studies; Thiruvananthapuram.He delivered the Dr.C R Soman commemoration speech.The Seminar was inaugurated by the eminent Scientist Dr M P Parameswaran. Several young people with diabetes also spoke.

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