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New iPhone apps can help manage diabetes, track symptoms of depression

The idea for the Diabetes Emoticons app was developed through a patient-centered design workshop sponsored by HealthDesignBy.Us, a collaborative of patients and caregivers, healthcare providers and researchers, designers and artists, engineers and technologists, public health professionals, and community members who are passionate about patient-centered participatory design and infusing the maker movement into healthcare. But a warning to DexCom users not to get too excited, since the app doesn’t actually do anything for data management purposes, not even in terms of letting you look at your own BG numbers. At the beginning of March the FDA cleared LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal Diabetes Application with a 510(k). About 25 million people live with diabetes in the U.S. The program can be used on a single platform but considering the wide availability of free software for both desktop and mobile devices and the price tag of Diabetes Pilot for each platform, it may be hard to justify the cost. Diabetes Pet Manager is one of a very few veterinary apps that helps owners control chronic disease management as well as giving them a wide range of information about their pet’s disease at their fingertips. MobiHealthNews wrote about HelpAround earlier this year at HIMSS, where the company positioned…

Initially, the device fed information to a laptop computer. These sections include videos that explain the pathophysiology of diabetes and different ways that diabetes is treated. The watch tracks how much you move, sit, and stand throughout the day. Data stored on iPhones is encrypted, and Iodine’s app provides cautions to make sure patients understand they’re sending sensitive information to their doctors. Keeping careful records of blood glucose levels, insulin injections and food intake helps diabetics manage their disease and lower the risk of complications. Apple’s software could help validate new apps, he said, by letting developers build on a standardized template from a well-known company whose products are used by large numbers of people. Apple says it isn’t making money directly from CareKit, which grew from tools the company previously developed for researchers to create apps that collect iPhone users’ data for health studies.

But Apple could benefit if the apps gain wide adoption, making the iPhone an even more useful tool for millions of people with medical conditions. “Even if you can’t point to a revenue stream today, being the hub of an ecosystem related to health care could have great value in the future,” said analyst Jeff Cribbs, who studies health technology for the Gartner research firm. Yogen Dalal, Glooko co-founder and chairman, said the company was able to deliver its solution in a year with just $1 million in seed capital. Diabetes Pilot opens to the log book, which is where you need to be most of the time. Instead, the company leaves it to the developers who use Apple’s software to determine if an individual app meets any health regulations.

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