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New ‘early warning’ biosensor will help prevent Type 2 diabetes – Latest news – Science

A nurse training initiative developed by a team at the University of Exeter Medical School and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to improve diagnosis of monogenic diabetes has won a national award for its contribution to diabetes care. It has been launched at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, on Tuesday 19 April. Sean, a recent graduate of MSc in Biotechnology and also BSc in Pharmacology in UCD, is carrying out a Knowledge Exchange Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) funded by the Health Research Board (HRB). Most recently a study from Lund University, Sweden, found that Foods of the kind that were consumed during human evolution may be the best choice to control diabetes type 2. “What we are finding is that as people gain weight, they are increasingly likely to be colonized by staph bacteria – to have large numbers of these bacteria living on the surface of their skin,” Schlievert, who led the research, said. A young Indian scientist has developed a potential non-insulin drug candidate for diabetic patients that can help eliminate the risk of low-blood glucose shock in case of an insulin overdose. If you are already showing higher than normal blood sugar levels as you spend more and more hours in office — enroll for an intervention programme at your workplace if it offers one immediately.

This nano material has been modified to produce a signal when exposed to blood containing higher than normal concentrations of certain predictor molecules, or biomarkers, which are known to indicate an early manifestation of Type 2 diabetes. I was getting really tired, too. Professor Hattersley said: “These awards recognise the work of all the fantastic scientists working in diabetes genetics in Exeter both in the Medical School and NHS. With type 1 diabetes, the body produces too little insulin or none at all. It is the highest national honour for a UK university and recognises the institution’s world-class research. Pioneering projects to improve weapons and explosives detection in luggage, enable safer production of powdered infant formula, and combat food fraud, led to the prestigious award. Press enquiries please contact Dave Rogers, Senior Press Officer, on telephone +44 (0)115 848 8782 or via email, or Helen Breese, Senior Press Officer, on telephone +44 (0)115 848 8751 or via email.

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