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Moms with Gestational Diabetes – help? – February 2015 Babies

Boy, that’s not exactly a fun title, right? I had GD with my oldest daughter (and will find out later today if I have it with this one also) and it was easier than I originally thought it would be to regulate it with your diet. It all started with a Facebook group when I was pregnant with my second baby and going through my second gestational diabetes pregnancy. Even though I knew that I had a family history of diabetes, I believed that I was in shape and eating a reasonably healthy diet, so this wouldn’t affect me. I wanna be able to eat what I want (how the heck is a cranky pregnant woman supposed to “diet” anyways?) I’m sick of taking meds everyday, twice a day and I’m sick of pricking my finger 4 x’s a day! It was when I was looking for books ate amazon that I discover Maria book, and with the reviews, her facebook page I bought her book right always, read it in two weeks and started right always, this march, and since then I had lost 40 lb, I couldn’t be happier, it was hard to give up my favorite foods, but as soon my cravings disappeared, I started to have the energy that I had never felt with 3 kids under 4, what else could I asked for? My dietitian told me that I can have sugar, but rather to watch the carb intake.

Since gestational diabetes can cause problems, it is carefully monitored. I still love my Starbucks but I usually just get my tall coffee (half caf), add a good dollop of cream and head out the door. Mom was in Charlotte and sat with me the whole time I did that three hour test. Oh wow. Canned peaches or pears in juice, drained and rinsed, worked well too. Other whole-grain snack options include whole-wheat English muffins topped with peanut butter and all-fruit jelly, whole-grain bran, blueberry or banana muffins and low-fat popcorn topped with cinnamon and minimal amounts of sugar or stevia — a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener. So, if you (or someone you know) is unfortunate enough to have gestational diabetes, kindly show your judgment to the door.

So I start a War on Ice Cream Eating! Easter diabetic menu ice cream homemade diabetic recipes. I’d then send weekly reports of my food diary and blood sugar readings to my Certified Diabetes Educator. Now that I see how well my body is doing on this diet it can be tempting to go off it and cheat. photograph shutterstock . Soda is my worst offender–accidentally got a regular Coke at the movies recently and got the highest glucose reading ever afterwards. Anything over 45 grams, even just 46, is considered to be 3.5 carb choices.

It works … for now! But I did have a cup of mulberry tea at the end of the shower, and my sugars had settled a few hours later before I went to bed.

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