[ Diabetes Type 2 ]

Ministers urged to improve diabetes checks – BBC News

“Warm and wonderful.” That is how the CWD staff and faculty described the 300+ participants who joined us this past weekend at the Friends for Life UK 2013 conference. We estimated patient time costs attributable to outpatient and inpatient care in study participants with diagnosed diabetes, previously undetected diabetes, impaired glucose regulation and normal glucose tolerance. Provision of diabetes services differed among countries, with many healthcare professionals indicating that major improvements were needed across a range of areas, including healthcare organization [30.6% (7.4-67.1%)], resources for diabetes prevention [78.8% (60.4-90.5%)], earlier diagnosis and treatment [67.9% (45.0-85.5%)], communication between team members and people with diabetes [56.1% (22.3-85.4%)], specialist nurse availability [63.8% (27.9-90.7%)] and psychological support [62.7% (40.6-79.6%)]. The age- and sex-adjusted incidence of Type 2 diabetes significantly decreased with increasing magnesium intake quartile levels (≤ 148.5, 148.6-171.5, 171.6-195.5 and ≥ 195.6 mg/day, P for trend = 0.01). Firstly, having visited Manchester Central several times previously, they’ve picked an excellent venue for the week, both for the exhibition itself and the evening activities which tend to surround these events (accompanying stories available on request). When we briefed them on our requirements, they answered the questions that we asked honestly and set out their proposal in a straight forward and simple to understand format”. Self-administration of insulin was independently associated with higher treatment satisfaction (P < 0.006) in this model.

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