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London North West Healthcare NHS Trust’s Brent Integrated Diabetes Service (BIDS), which delivers the course called DESMOND, were recognised by the judging panel of the annual Celebrating DESMOND Awards in the Excellence Award category. No infact they are both forms of Diabetes education, KATIE is for Type 1’s and DEREK is for Type 2’s. CCGs are responsible for deciding the healthcare provision and spending for its patients. Currently the sessions are run by two full-time healthcare professionals. The Nurse who ran the sessions was exceptional answering literally hundreds of questions and everyone who attended would have been happy to continue for another 6 weeks. Referrals to the programme are received from General Practitioners, Diabetic Nurse Specialists, Practice Nurses and secondary care professionals. M.

Medications review clinics. The DAFNE courses are peer-reviewed in order to check the skills set of the educators and the course delivery. Put a bit of weight on at the November 2015 health check up at 95 KG not too bad. The original results from the first courses were published in 2002 in the British Medical Journal and many patients since have said that it has changed their lives. READ ALL ABOUT IT! Claire is part of the Surrey Downs Diabetes Service, which is a new service. X-PERT Health is a charity with a network of over 600 diabetes educators in the UK and Ireland.

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