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Meat Intake and Insulin Resistance in Women without Type 2 Diabetes. – PubMed

Heavy meat-eaters and people looking to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet who want to cut down on their meat consumption have long looked for a healthy meat substitute that is not just soy or vegetable extract. Some experts believe that moderate amounts of red meat with low saturated fat content can be part of a balanced, healthy diet. Intake of red meat, processed meat, and poultry was derived from a food frequency questionnaire, and their association with serum high-sensitivity CRP was examined cross-sectionally using linear regression models. Your overall diet may contribute to your risk by leading to excess weight or because it is rich in certain foods. All participants were diabetes-free at baseline. Here’s one place where the fat is good. It also differentiates between processed and unprocessed meats as risk factors.

White meat, while lower in saturated fat, does not have as many nutrients as dark meat, including iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins A and K, and several B vitamins. “Observational studies are not as accurate as double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies,” Bauman says. After exclusions, data from 37,083 HPFS participants, 79,570 NHS I participants, and 87,504 NHS II participants were available for analysis. Processed foods are foods that has been altered from its natural state. A recommendation to consume less red meat may help to reduce the epidemic of [Type 2 diabetes]. VLM is not predictive of IR. Cancer.

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