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Maple Syrup Does Far More For Your Health Than Just Sweeten Your Food

In the harsh Canadian winter when several inches of thick snow makes it difficult to walk even a few yards and the icy fang of winter wind gashes against the skin, people huddle together in warm cozy rooms in front of cheerful fires. researchers have discovered that the growth of several types of cancerous cells can be considerably slowed, and the risk of diabetes can be decreased, with maple syrup. Among them is maple syrup. Desired is 7.4. These new findings were presented on March 30th at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, CA, during a day-long session exclusively examining the bioactive compounds found in natural sweeteners. Sugars, on the other hand, consist of shorter chains and rings of atoms. The pattern of freezing and thawing temperatures causes pressure to build up in the trees until there is an eventual outpouring of sap.

Although the health benefits are exciting, maple syrup is not to be eaten in excess. While sugar is 100 per cent sucrose, honey is made up of around 75 per cent sugars, of which roughly half is glucose and half is fructose (these proportions may vary depending on the source of the nectar). Specifically, the syrup significantly slowed down the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate, brain and lungs. Daily from then on reduce the insulin as you increase the molasses to 2 full tablespoons per glass. Xylitol is as sweet as sugar. Stevia leaves get their sweet taste – about 10 to 15 times sweeter than sugar – from natural compounds called steviol glycosides. The ORAC assay was also used to establish the antioxidant activity of pure maple syrup.

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, affects many women a few days before having their periods. Plus, pure maple syrup features over 54 antioxidants, like polyphenols, that can help delay or prevent diseases caused by free radicals, such as cancer or diabetes. With an abundance of insulin from the pancreas, the liver can gather up a lot of post eating glucose and store it for later release. Demonstration of biological activity in the lab doesn’t mean very much if the actual amounts ingested are not taken into consideration. Phenolic extracts of maple syrup have also been shown to have antimutagenic and antiproliferative effects on human cancer cells7,8.

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