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LPN Programs and Education Requirements

Assessing and managing a child with a rash, infection or febrile illness can be especially challenging, and is often not well understood. Assessment is based on a lifespan approach. The current study identified and described how personal and professional competence can grow when a nursing education program meets the students’ learning needs and encompasses reflective practice. DHCC is investing heavily in its education offering with an ultimate goal to provide medical education and CPD programs across the spectrum of healthcare profession, embedded in a culture of research and inquiry. Nurse education also provides post-qualification courses in specialist subjects within nursing. At the same time, Advanced Nursing Education Program continued its training program for the nurse tutors and nurse administrators. An opportunity will be provided to discuss and explore factors relating to diabetes such as food choices, activity and medication.

We do not accredit such programmes or authorise the use of the BERTIE name, but most belong to the Diabetes Education Network and adhere to its philosophy, as we do. Upon achieving LPN status, licensed or vocational practical nurses could go on to pursue advanced education. Time is built in for networking with colleagues. More pay and responsibility tend to result. What is your impression of the education?So far it has been excellent. This career has a solid outlook, and with continued education and completion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, can be an even more lucrative field.

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