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Lp-PLA2 is a potential therapeutic target in diabetic macula edema | IOVS

If Dr Daniel Chew’s work goes to plan, diabetics and sufferers from a host of other diseases may one day no longer need to inject themselves or take pills. GSK will hold a 55% equity interest in the new jointly-owned company and 45% will be owned by Verily, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet, a US conglomerate which is the parent company of technology giant Google (Nasdaq: GOOGL). We have been a leader in respiratory disease for over 40 years and have a portfolio of mature products. Unlike metformin and sulphonylureas in the UKPDS (United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study) trial, Avandia has NEVER been shown to reduce any diabetes-related complication in long-term clinical trials. Patients administer the drug once a week with an injector pen. “Clearly these are disappointing data, but we are committed to working with Tolerx to better understand the results of this study and determine the way forward,” said Jackie Parkin, medicines development leader, at GSK. His statement about the settlement was no different.

That critique resurfaced this year when scientists at Pfizer in Groton, Connecticut, raised a similar question over SIRT1-activating compounds being developed by GSK4. “Bioelectronic medicine’s vision is to employ the latest advances in biology and technology to interpret this electrical conversation and to correct the irregular patterns found in disease states, using miniaturised devices attached to individual nerves,” said Dr Slaoui, who will chair the board of Galvani Bioelectronics. House of Representatives, “Testimony of John Buse, MD, PhD”, June 6, 2007. For more information, please visit professional.diabetes.org/grants. I think that pricing pressure, though, should slide along the scale of usefulness and innovation, because I think that there should be a reward for taking the greater risk of breaking new ground.

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