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Life Insurance For Diabetics – Type 1 – Type 2

While underwriting guidelines can and do change and there are exceptions made with regard to the following, usually, if you’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes after age 55 to 60, have excellent control (A1C of 6.5 or less), no diabetic complications, good height and weight, you’re a non-tobacco user and your overall health is excellent otherwise, you MAY be able to qualify for a “Preferred” life insurance rate (possibly Preferred Plus) with some of the aggressive life insurance companies for Diabetics. At JRC Insurance Group, our agents are well-versed in insurance underwriting. Please choose smoker if you stopped smoking but, less than two years ago. We have been able to help otherwise very healthy people get exception and offered preferred plus rates even when their cholesterol/HDL ratio was as high as 5.9 or preferred rates for cholesterol/HDL ratio up to 6.9. These are specialty items, generally not recommended, as the attached managements fees are typically higher than purchasing life insurance and investment vehicle independently. You’re entitled to go fishing (for eligibility requirements): A traditional fully underwritten whole life or universal life policy gives you coverage for life, pays out the insurance benefit upon your death and includes an investment component of accumulated cash value. $100,000 or $$2,000,000) do I need and how long (e.g.

We recommend speaking with a knowledgeable insurance broker or insurance representative before making this big decision. However, not only do they calculate mortality based on your direct health, they also calculate it based on your family’s health history. To look at some average life insurance rates, we will review several scenarios. Getting the coverage you need as a diabetic may be much easier than you expect. 3. too much sitting, sedentary lifestyle, not playing sports and eating foods high in fat, simple carbohydrates and sugar). family members) will receive the amount stated under the coverage.

But if your diabetes is well maintained, your chances of approval are greater. However, you will most likely have a substandard rating, which simply means your monthly cost will be a tad more than the average applicant. Explore Return of Premiums conditions: Some policies allow getting back the part of the premiums if you have not made use of them – ask your broker to make the calculation for you. Your significant other: Your significant other (e.g. Smoker’s insurance rates are approximately two times higher than for those who do not smoke. That does not leave too many options. A high rating from one company doesn’t mean any hope for insurance.

Stomach fat contributes to disease risk, so a woman with a waist measurement of 35 inches or more and a man with a waist measurement of 40 inches or more is considered to have a high amount of body fat. 12, me is came a liaison time management coaches and players days keep up with all things. Banner offers renewable and convertible term life insurance to age 95. You can easily get life insurance with Gestational diabetes at the best rates as long as there are no signs of gestational diabetes post pregnancy. Local Life Agents customizes its service on behalf of every client – of every background and medical condition – so we can find the best life insurance coverage for that person. In most cases, gestational diabetes disappears after the baby is born. Our freedom is your greatest asset because, when working with an independent life insurance agent, you will have an experienced professional at your side.

You will have Local Life Agents reviewing a multitude of life insurance carriers, in an effort to identify the right company – for the right coverage, at the right rates – for someone with diabetes. Application process: Some insurers might ask for a doctor’s statement depending upon answers to health questions or information found from other sources. We are here to answer your questions, prepare your application and give you the peace of mind you deserve. And if it is not guaranteed you need to understand that you may be “rated” (non preferred at higher premium) depending on your answers to the questions.

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