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Leg/Foot falling asleep

When you consider how many of us have problems with our feet, you might expect to find lots of resources full of good advice. We determined whether a novel body shape measure, trunk to leg volume ratio, was independently associated with diabetes and mortality. Discover more about nighttime leg cramps and what you can do about them when you have diabetes. Altogether, 46 patients (25 female, 12.0 +/- 3.7 years), 50 siblings (29 female, 12.3 +/- 5.5 years) and 75 parents (41 mothers, 40.4 +/- 5.1 years; 34 fathers, 42.5 +/- 5.3 years; 1.3 % with diabetes mellitus) were included. Plaque buildup causes an overall narrowing and hardening of the arteries and can eventually decrease the blood flow to the lower extremities. Certain types of surgery, especially hip and knee replacements, may cause clots to form in the leg. In all patients, lower extremity pressures that decreased slightly with crossing the legs remained higher than pressures obtained in the supine position.

I was shaking my legs, rubbing my calves sore, bashing my legs with my fists to get rid of the sensations and just kept breaking down crying, it was that bad at times. In more serious cases, diabetic neuropathy can lead to issues with your digestion, urinary tract, and cardiovascular health. I am hoping that in 3 more weeks this problem will be resolved. Hinkes has seen far too many people with diabetes who have lost one or both legs. We analyzed the distribution of demographic variables by BMI category and tested for differences between these groups by the Bonferroni-adjusted t-test. They can happen when you get dehydrated, so drink six to eight glasses of water daily. My bgs are pretty low though – generally stay at 115 and under.

An ABI can help determine if someone has PAD, but it cannot identify the location and degree of the obstruction in the artery. A lung scan, also known as a ventilation-perfusion scan, uses radioactive tracers to study air flow and blood flow in the lungs.

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