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Glucose comes from food and is stored by the body for use between meals. In case of having diabetes, hypoglycemia (extreme low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (extreme high blood sugar) can trigger diabetic come. If a diabetic coma is not treated quickly, it can lead to death. It took four days of round the clock treatment to bring the young woman to a place where doctors would even consider moving her to a regular hospital room. The body is designed to always try to keep blood sugars above 60 mg/dl in human beings in order to protect the brain. Hypoglycemia occurs when the body has insufficient glucose. He got off work at 5, so he would be home just a few minutes after me.

In the case of hyperglycemia, while glucose is plentiful, indeed too plentiful, the consequences of so much blood glucose produce chemistry abnormalities which cause brain cells to malfunction. Hypoglycemia is particularly common in diabetics who have been fasting, which is why doctors normally recommend that diabetics have small snacks throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels even. High sugar level: Phosphate, sodium or potassium supplements in order to help proper functioning of cells. A diabetic coma can be scary for you and your family, but it is something that can normally be prevented with knowledge and action. She was 210 pounds at the time. But when blood sugar levels drop too low, judgment becomes temporarily impaired, and mental confusion and/or irritability sets in. The best way to avoid diabetic comas is through prevention and managing your diabetes.

And wait, now I hear the puppy barking in the background, and someone says “small poke”. A chocolate bar is not as good as a sugary tea, for instance. That is why the symptoms of hypoglycemia should never be ignored. Push water while conscious instead. And get the patient to medical treatment promptly. She’d lost 105 pounds and the doctors told her she no longer needed to take insulin. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can cause a coma, but for different reasons.

To avoid choking, no other food or drink should be given to any unconscious person. I didn’t know what day it was, or what time it was. If a blood test is not possible, and sugars are given, immediate improvement after administering sugars should begin (within five to fifteen (5-10) minutes). If you’re in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation, seek medical assistance immediately. The diabetic coma was (is) probably the result of hyperglycemia. This requires prompt medical treatment. People with Type 1 diabetes must take insulin.

The brain may get very swollen, which can result in death in some younger patients. First aid providers are encouraged to test blood glucose if possible. I mumbled it the best I could. _Never_ give insulin without compelling evidence that the problem is hyperglycemia. Giving too much sugar is far less dangerous to the hyperglycemic patient than giving insulin to the hypoglycemic patient. Paramedics are familiar with the treatment of diabetic coma and will treat it with administration of sugars, blood test for glucose, administration of insulin and rapid transport to a hospital if necessary. Diabetic patients should always carry glucose tablets and/or a tube of glucose gel in case of hypoglycemia.

Another good place for emergency glucose is in the refrigerator, if you are at home. Diabetic patients should wear a “Medic-Alert” (TM) or other bracelet or jewelry identifying them as diabetic. Otherwise, a diabetic coma could be mistaken for drunkenness, especially by the uninformed. He had no idea how long I’d been home, so he didn’t know how long I’d been out. This may result in death. Diabetics have died because they were treated as intoxicated instead of suffering from a medical emergency. Friends and family of diabetic patients should learn how to give first aid in a diabetic emergency, and how to operate the diabetic person’s blood glucose meter.

If possible, they should also learn how and when and why to give insulin injections if necessary.

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