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Interpreting the results of the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament test: Accounting for false-positive answers in the international

We conducted a systematic review of studies in which the accuracy of the 5.07/10-g monofilament was evaluated to detect peripheral neuropathy of any cause using nerve conduction as reference standard. The Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy in Hamilton, Ontario, offers a diabetes education clinic once a week. Diabetic foot ulcers occur in up to 25% of people with diabetes at some time in their life [2, 3]. The mean vibration score of the Rydel-Seiffer graduated tuning fork in patients with peripheral polyneuropathy in nerve conduction (NCV) study was 5.38+/-2.0, which was significantly different from that of patients without polyneuropathy in NCS. Of 1388 articles, 9 on diagnostic accuracy and 3 on precision met inclusion criteria. Show the patient the monofilament: “It looks like a toothbrush” and perform the test on his/her hand or arm to let them know the type of feeling to expect (as some patients may be expecting the tuning fork or neurothesiometer sensation). However, 31% of patients met the team’s clinical definition of DPN, which required a score of 2 or higher on the Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument (MNSI) test and either abnormal vibration threshold levels or abnormal nerve conduction.

However, marked foot insensitivity was uncommon within the first few years of diagnosis of diabetes. The sensation of pressure using the buckling 10 gram monofilament should first be demonstrated to the patient on a proximal site. Het gevoel kan op verschillende manieren worden getest. Monofilament testing is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and portable test for assessing the loss of protective sensation, and it is recommended by several practice guidelines to detect peripheral neuropathy in otherwise normal feet.1,5,6 Monofilaments, often called Semmes-Weinstein mono-filaments, are calibrated, single-fiber nylon threads, identified by values ranging from 1.65 to 6.65, that generate a reproducible buckling stress. The Neuropad at 10 min was more sensitive but less specific than the monofilament test. This article is protected by copyright. There are several advanced diagnostic tools available to check and judge the vulnerability of the patient such as Biothesiometer, ABI Vascular Doppler, Monofilament kit etc and this equipment is being manufactured and distributed by some of the leading Diabetic foot care products companies.

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