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Insulin pumps ‘better than injections’ for type 1 diabetes

A diabetes drug delivered continuously from a small implantable pump resulted in a marked and sustained reduction in blood sugar in patients in two studies, potentially setting the stage for a once-a-year treatment option to manage the disease. Medtronic insulin pumps are listed on the Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing Prostheses List. This report builds on that evidence to demonstrate that not only does the use of insulin pump technology lead to better health outcomes for people living with diabetes, but that government investment into insulin pump programs is a cost effective method of addressing the burden of diabetes in the province. “Our device gives the same amount of medication as any other pump; it just delivers the drug in a way that allows for a better quality of life,” he tells ISRAEL21c. Patients poorly controlled under MDI and/or with recurrent hypoglycemias thus represent the best indications. The Company manufactures and sells the t:slim® Insulin Pump, the slimmest and smallest durable insulin pump currently on the market, the t:flex® Insulin Pump, the first pump designed for people with greater insulin requirements, and the t:slim G4™ Insulin Pump, the first CGM-enabled pump with touch-screen simplicity. Although death will visit us all, it cometh much quicker to individuals with type 1 diabetes who are off insulin.

Each has a flat panel, high-contrast colour screen, three buttons for navigation and a cartridge filled with rapid-acting insulin. Average HbA1c was lowest in Germany and Austria and higher in England and Wales. For example, if someone’s vision or dexterity has changed and they can’t safely use their current pump because they can’t see it or program it right, but another make/model would be more appropriate, the diabetes clinic team should make that case to the commissioners. This link to our webpage explains a bit about pumps. They explain that some children may have stopped because they became tired of the extra attention taken to manage the pump. For more information, please see the page on Severe Hypoglycemia.

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