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Insulin Injections and Diabetes – A Love Hate Relationship

This meant that once you’d injected a dose, the balance of carbohydrates and activity you take over the next 12 hours would need to correspond to the last dose you injected. Injecting in the same place much of the time can cause hard lumps or extra fat deposits to develop. This population-based study describes the consequences of the widespread change in treatment modality outside the confines of a controlled clinical trial. Insulin jets typically contain three parts: the delivery device (shaped like a pen), a disposable injector nozzle, and a disposable insulin vial adapter. Or rotate around your legs, arms, stomach and (for some of us old-timers, we were told to use our ‘upper, outer buttock region as well, if you can still reach them – this area tends not to get include much these days, but still a viable option). As it turns out, the exact same weekend that my insulin pump broke, the insulin pump of my friend, Katie Clark, also broke! It has been known for over a decade that billions of “T-regs” in a normal functioning pancreas act as “peacekeepers” to protect insulin-making cells from being attacked and destroyed by the body’s immune system.

A recent review identified factors associated with adherence to any diabetes medication (6). GLP-1 drugs carry a black box warning that lab animals using the drugs have developed thyroid cancer. Among CGM users, mean HbA1c was similar in injection and pump users (7.6 ± 1.3% vs. Eventually the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin. It is at this point where insulin therapy makes sense. For example, if you inject your evening insulin in the thigh, try using the right thigh one evening, and the left thigh the next evening. Long term these patients gain weight and require more and more insulin.

If you do not properly inject the insulin, some insulin may remain on the surface of your skin and fail to reach your blood stream. Loss of feeling? I like not having something stuck to me. They all gained weight with the initiation of insulin therapy, especially the short acting varieties. However, a recent publication did find that insulin adherence is lower among young women who are concerned about their weight (17). Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional regarding your health. For instance, we do not have information on how many injection users tried CGM and discontinued it, and thus, the cohort of injection + CGM users in the study may be self-selected to be those who are more likely to have lower HbA1c levels.

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