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I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes–AC1 is 7.9 and blood sugar after fasting

The A1C test is a blood test used to diagnose diabetes and see how well your diabetes self-management plan is working. Hmmm…..is there such a thing? It measures what percentage of your hemoglobin — a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen — is coated with sugar. And why do my readings come out as 115 average in morning…169 average 2 hours after eating and sometimes takes a few hours to get back below 120..I’m confused what to follow…just A1c or still readings at home and why am I having such bad readings when my A1c comes out as non-diabetic..just trying to figure this all out. She was surprised I wanted to go to it. Before you leave that page scroll down to the “A1C to Blood glucose chart” toward the bottom of the page. Diabetes status was confirmed by medical history review.

Bad news, they will tell, but good news is a state secret…… A home blood glucose test measures the level of blood glucose only at that moment. A nagging thought kept occurring to me, “Am I dehydrated?”   I tend to be better about drinking water when I’m at work during the week, sitting at my desk. Why did the A1C result go up? Your meter can be the most powerful tool you have to control this, some doctors don’t want to prescribe many test strips to type 2s but you can buy them yourself, I have bought many on ebay but I would also say if your Dr. It affects even the tiniest blood vessels, which are necessary for tissue repair after surgery. There are a lot of tips for good healthy dieting on this site, carb counting, fiber, healthy foods, not so healthy foods, so much to list here I suggest you click on the “diet” tab on the left and read through the various discussions about the subject and see if that helps you any.

USE IT! Studies have shown working with a diabetes nurse educator can help you lower your results. I have seen first hand how “successful” denial is. So, it is still important that you test your blood glucose as prescribed by your physician for effective management. Just don’t be so resistant that you allow your blood glucose levels to run higher than they should be because of some notion that going on medication indicates “failure”…it does not! the upper limit for ppl who dont have diabetes is 5.5 so perhaps your pancreas is putting out just enough insulin to keep you in that range. Bring that A1C down to less than 7 QUICK, and work on getting it below 6!

The primary outcome of HART-D, change in HbA1c levels, was assessed monthly. But understand that THERE IS NO CURE FOR DIABETES. Remove the band from your arm when enough blood is collected. You will ALWAYS be diabetic, and you will ALWAYS have to watch your diet and exercise. But by doing so, NEVER letting that A1C get above 7, you can CONTROL diabetes such that it won’t hurt you.

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